Issue 62, "Planet Love"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Layout Artist: Richard Case
Finisher: Stan Woch

written by John Bullough (

So Niles Caulder, before his death, had set off a mechanism to cause a global catastrophe with his nanomachines, and Dr. Magnus has no idea how to stop it. Cliff decides to enter the Chief's Think Tank (where he spent Issue 58), to try to stop the nanomachines himself.

In the data matrix, Cliff's consciousness encounters a guardian, in the form of the Chief's head, which demands an access code in order for Cliff to pass through. The guardian tells Cliff that the first thing the nanomachines will do is build him a human body with a human brain he can load his consicousness into. Not to be tempted, Cliff presses on, into the white noise signal through which he must pass to stop the nanomachines. Being the hero that he is, he succeeds in shutting down the Chief's program.

All the activity of the past few issues has really worn Cliff down, and next we find him in the same hospital he was in back in Issue 19, talking with his psychiatrist. Rebis visits, explaining that Danny the Street wants to see him. Danny apparently survived the Candlemaker's attacks.

Danny tells Cliff that he was once part of a magnificent world of magic and adventure, but is now all that remains of that world. But Danny's going to change that. Extending himself, he transforms himself into... Danny the World - a world of infinite novelty! Rebis explains that Danny has invited them all -- Rebis, Dorothy and Cliff -- to stay on Danny the World. Rebis also tells Cliff that the destruction of hir body in Issue 59 was of hir old body, and that the negative spirit had left in order to merge with the new body on the moon.

Cliff decides to stay in the real world, while Rebis stays on Danny the World. They say their goodbyes, and Rebis flies off into the distance. The last page shows Dorothy, where she meets a balloon, and asks it to "take me to the real world." The end.

written by William Sherman (

p. 11: Samadhi, in Buddhist and Hindu philosophy and religion, is the state of maximal mental concentration which can be achieved while still in the body. It is a state of rapturous concentration upon the Absolute, and is the goal of all religious and philosophic study and effort.

This doctor is the same one we saw in Issue 56.

Cliff is indicating a dent he made in the wall, back in Issue 19, the first Morrison issue. There's more than a little closure here.

p. 17: Danny is listing famous fantasy worlds. Oz was created by L. Frank Baum in a series of 14 novels (the series was carried on by Ruth Plumly Thompson and various other authors after his death). Wonderland was created by Lewis Carroll in the "Alice" books; Never Never Land by J.M. Barrie in _Peter Pan_, and Slumberland by Winsor McCay in his "Little Nemo in Slumberland" newspaper comic strip.

p. 19: Maybe Cliff hears Louis Armstrong singing What a Wonderful World." Armstrong was one of the great figures of jazz, who performed from the 1920's until his death in 1971. He was renowned as a trumpeter, composer, arranger and singer, specializing in "scat," the invention of which is credited to him (thanks to Mark Bernstein []).

Petula Clark was a popular British pop singer from the 1960's (thanks again to Mark Bernstein).

p. 20: A passerby is wearing a "Curve" t-shirt; Curve is an alternative pop band from England (and I'm a big fan). Curve's lyrics are just disjointed and evocative enough to probably appeal to Morrison.

"Strangeness and charm" may refer to quarks. There are six subatomic particles known as quarks, which make up larger particles such as protons and electrons. They are called up, down, top, bottom, strange and charm. See also the Dr. Manhattan origin issue of _Watchmen_ (thanks to Dave van Domelen []).

p. 24: Dorothy returns to the real world via balloon; in the movie _The Wizard of Oz_, Dorothy Gale attempted to do so but missed the balloon. She ended up using the Ruby Slippers to return instead.

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