Issue 61, "..."

Writer: Grant Morrison
Breakdown Artist: Richard Case
Finisher: Stan Woch

written by John Bullough (

The Candlemaker follows Cliff to Dr. Magnus's house, where he basically gets trashed. Magnus sends his latest robot, "Tungsten," to attack the Candlemaker, giving Dorothy, Magnus, and what's left of Cliff time to escape via Danny the Street.

Except the Candlemaker makes short work of Tungsten and hops on Danny just in time to follow them all to the DP/JL mountain headquarters. Dorothy, Magnus and Cliff climb off Danny and he disappears, taking the Candlemaker with him, appearing and reappearing at various locations througout the world to disorient the Candlemaker.

Meanwhile, Magnus enters the HQ to try to do something to reprogram Caulder's nanomachines to stop the Candlemaker, when Danny returns, on fire and screaming. Kipling reawakens on Danny the Street saying to the Candlemaker "I've got something for you." Cliff tells Dorothy, who had been helping him into the headquarters, to warn Magnus and the Candlemaker follows her into the room where Magnus is readying the program he had written, and attacks him, knocking him to the floor.

Dorothy shoots the Candlemaker with a gun, to no avail, when Cliff shows up, in the Chief's old battle-chair, knocking the Candlemaker away and activating Magnus's program! It seems to be working, with the nanomachines attacking the Candlemaker's cell structure, but the Candlemaker's body tries to resist the machines and goes after Dorothy, who faces the Candlemaker angrily, saying "Why don't you shut up? Everyone's sick of you!"

These would have been Dorothy's last words if Kipling hadn't shown up, bringing a large green egg with him, which hatches into none other than... Rebis (wearing an alluring black bra with men's briefs). Rebis apologizes to Cliff for hir absence and promptly releases the negative spirit to attack the Candlemaker, shattering his body until all that remains is a single flame, which Dorothy extinguishes in a single breath. Out goes the Candlemaker.

So all is well, it seems... At least until Magnus, looking through Caulder's computer files, realizes that Caulder had set another program into action - one programmed to cause a global catastrophe with his nanomachines by causing them to replicate themselves and swarm over the world. And to make things worse, the catastrophe is scheduled to occur in just a few hours!

written by William Sherman (

p. 8: This Krystalnacht (sic) is what Rebis was sensing back in Issue 54.

p. 9: J.R. "Bob" Dobbs is the icon of the Church of the Sub-Genius, an artificial cult. See _The Book of the Sub-Genius_ for many illuminating rants.

p. 19: "Surrender Dorothy" is from the movie "The Wizard of Oz." The Wicked Witch of the West skywrites that message above the Emerald City.

p. 20: J. Robert Oppenheimer was the father of the atomic bomb. He reportedly uttered the "shatterer of worlds" quotation (from the Vedas) upon witnessing the first test detonation in the desert.

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