Issue 60, "Brief Candles"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case
Inker: Stan Woch

written by John Bullough (

The issue opens with Dorothy telling Kipling where the Candlemaker came from. When she was a young girl, back on the farm, the local boys teased her and picked on her because of her appearance. One particularly nasty kid, Bernard Muller, regularly taunted Dorothy, making her life a living hell. With her power to bring up her "imaginary friends," the Candlemaker appeared to her and offered her a wish. Still stinging from Bernard's abuse, she wished him dead and the next day Bernard was found in the wheat fields, crucified and disembowled. That Candlemaker sure keeps his promises.

After this, Dorothy suppressed all thought of the Candlemaker. That is, until the adventure in the Pentagon. Now, we learn that the Candlemaker is a being created from the human race's collective tension, perhaps about nuclear war or some such stuff.

While Kipling, Dorothy and Jane are busy trying to figure all of this out, Cliff becomes the next person to come flying out of the skyscraper where the Candlemaker is, followed by the Candlemaker himself. Cliff tells everyone to get away to Danny the Street, but Kipling turns around and gets his right arm fried, right down to the bone (ouch). Cliff and Jane get to Danny too late and get chased by the Candlemaker, who tracks them down and sucks Jane into some kind of vortex, claiming to have sent her to hell.

Meanwhile, Dorothy and Kipling are relatively safe, Kipling passes out from the pain, and Danny tells Dorothy that he's "got a few ideas" for the Candlemaker.

Cliff, enraged at the loss of Jane, jumps into a nearby car and attempts to run into the Candlemaker with it, doing minimal damage to him. Danny shows up in time for Cliff to drive on and tells Danny to bring them to Doctor Magnus's place for help.

Cliff shows up and starts to explain to Magnus what's going on, when the Candlemaker shows up from through the window and rips Cliff's body to pieces. A real Cliff-hanger if you ask me (yuk yuk!).

written by William Sherman (

The title probably refers to "Out, out, brief candle," which is a quotation from Shakespeare's "Macbeth," Act V, scene v, line 23.

p. 12: Dale Carnegie wrote a book called _How to Win Friends and Influence People_. His school of social training still flourishes.

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