Issue 58, "In the Wonderful Land of Clockwork"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Sean Phillips
Colorist: Daniel Vozzo

written by William Sherman (

This issue is mostly a hallucination, taking place in the mind of Cliff Steele. Cliff suffers from a hellish mechanistic nightmare, in which he discovers that the world is mechanical, run by insects. This may reflect some of the terrible things Cliff has seen in recent issues of Doom Patrol, such as the Ant Farm and the Insect Mesh. In the end, he shakes off the delusion and finds himself on Danny the Street, where Willoughby Kipling and Dorothy Spinner are waiting.

It seems that the Chief had indeed transferred Cliff's mind into a computer in preparation for the intended test of the new artificial body. While in this disembodied state, Cliff had generated the abovementioned false reality around himself. Kipling rescued Cliff by putting him on a floppy disk, and then putting the disk into a drive located in Cliff's robotic body. It seems that Cliff is now entirely a machine. Kipling observes that Cliff can now make backup copies of himself.

Danny takes the three of them to New York, at the request of Kipling. The city is on fire.

written by William Sherman

p. 19: For an explanation of Baphomet, see the annotation to Issue 31, page 11.

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