Issue 56, "Down in the Well"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case
Inker: Stan Woch

written by William Sherman (

Jane has injured the policeman, and the church is surrounded by police. Flaming Katy manifests herself and charges through the doors, causing quite a bit of destruction. She is replaced by the gigantic sun-headed being whom we've previously seen, as well as a voluptuous young red- headed woman who explodes (probably Sex Bomb). Jane walks peacefully away from the wreckage.

Back on Danny the Street, Danny is trying to convince Cliff that Dorothy's problem is serious and important, and that the being in her is genuinely malevolent and powerful; however, Cliff is too busy worrying about Jane to pay attention. He goes to the hospital where he met her, worrying about whether Jane will kill her father. He is stunned to discover that Jane's father is dead and that the note in her room was probably written by her "Daddy" personality. He is directed to Metropolis, where the rape occurred and where Crazy Jane was created.

In London, Willoughby Kipling is briefed by the Templars; the Apocalypse is coming and the Doom Patrol is right in the middle of it.

Jane is home on the farm; memories wash through her, including a recap of her sexual abuse by her father from Issue 30. It continues, revealing that the well in Jane's mind mirrors a real well on the farm; her father threatened to throw her in if she told anyone about the abuse. To demonstrate, he threw her stuffed lamb Harry down the well. The pieces of the jigsaw of her mind are coming together. She leaps down the well, and finds Harry there at the bottom.

In Metropolis, Cliff is on Jane's trail, but can't follow her any further.

Jane enters a door (in her mind, it seems) to a room where her father is on life support. She tells the doctors to switch it off, freeing herself from the spectre of her father. She opens another door, which seems to lead to paradise.

In Rhode Island, Cliff finds Josh's body. Behind him stands the Chief, with a revolver.

written by William Sherman

p. 1: This is probably Jane's personality "Flaming Katy."

p. 3: We've seen the giant sun-headed being before, for example, in Issue 22.

p. 4: That has to be "Sex Bomb" (named in Issue 30).

p. 6: Cliff's t-shirt reads "New World Order." This could refer to George Bush's claim that with the fall of the communist Soviet Union, a "New World Order" would arise. Here, it probably refers to the coming apocalyptic events, as well as the important changes in the lives of the Doom Patrol.

p. 9: This is indeed the hospital where Cliff first met Jane, in Issue 19.

p. 16: The doors on the sides of the well are reminiscent of Alice's trip down the rabbit-hole in Lewis Carroll's _Alice's Adventures in Wonderland_.

p. 19: "The lady or the tiger" refers to the short story "The Lady or the Tiger?", written by Frank Stockton and first published in 1882. The story ends in a famous puzzle.

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