Issue 55, "The Blood of the Lamb"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case
Inker: Stan Woch

written by William Sherman (

Dorothy is in bed, crying "No!" on sheets stained with menstrual blood. The candle-headed being in her head is trying to escape.

Cliff and Josh are trying to figure out what's happening to the team, with Rebis and Jane missing. They search Jane's room, finding a shocking note in red reading "Baby Lamb Baby Lamb, I know where you are and Im comin to get you, Love Daddy xxx." They realize that something is, indeed, up. They bicker over whether to attempt to find her, until they are interrupted by Dorothy, who asks for their help.

Willoughby Kipling gets a visit from a messenger of the Templars, summoning him to a meeting in London.

Jane is on a flight to Metropolis, and we are treated to some dialogue of her personalities as they fight and discuss. The voices can be identified to some extent; the script-typing is Liza Radley, the stutterer is Penny Farthing, the scribbly insulter is Hammerhead, the straight typing is probably the Secretary, and the one with iron claws is certainly Black Annis. Many of the voices lack identifying characteristics; furthermore, we've only met about 40 of Jane's personalities anyway.

In any case, Liza is taking them all to Metropolis with something in mind. She takes them all to the church where Miranda (the strong personality which led the others during the time before she met Cliff) died. Miranda died by jumping down the well which was shown in Issue 30.

Dorothy explains to Josh about the evil force in her head. Its name is "the Candlemaker" (So the hint from the Shadowy Mr. Evans in Issue 48 was indeed about this). Cliff wants to look for Jane rather than deal with Dorothy's problem, and takes Danny to Metropolis.

Jane is in the church, where she (they) meets the ghost of Miranda. The selves are in panic; they think that Liza is trying to integrate them all by subjecting them to this trauma. The water pouring from her wrists on page 16 is probably a partial manifestation of Rain Brain. She briefly becomes one of her child personalities (maybe even Kay) and screams "Want Harry!"

A memory is jarred; a submerged memory of what happened in the church which killed Miranda: Jane was raped in the confessional by a man carrying a placard reading "You must be washed in the Blood of the Lamb." This helps explain the significance of that phrase to Jane; recall that she was screaming it in one of the first Morrison issues. At the time, Jane "snapped" and it seems that her Black Annis personality killed the rapist with a broken bottle without fully manifesting (because she didn't receive her powers until after the Gene Bomb exploded - thanks to Sean Duncan [] for the clarification).

In the present, a policeman asks Jane if she's all right; this is probably a mistake given her state of mind(s).

At the Rhode Island headquarters, Dorothy collapses, unable to contain the Candlemaker for much longer. Josh goes to find the Chief, finding an upturned wheelchair in the lab. He turns, and is shot in the chest.

written by William Sherman

p. 8: The voices are Crazy Jane's personalities.

p. 13: "The Fauves" are a real musical group from Scotland; Grant Morrison is the lead singer (thanks to Gary Ushaw [] and Travis D. Day []).

p. 17: Being washed in the blood of the lamb is a liturgical metaphor for Christian salvation and Eucharist; the lamb being Christ, and his blood being the communion wine as well as the bloody death (for the sake of humanity) which it symbolizes.

p. 20 The jigsaw puzzle represents Kay's abuse by her father; see Issue 30.

The rapist is saying "Father forgive me Father forgive me Father," which sounds like the beginning of the confessional ("Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.."). The rape is occurring in a confessional booth.

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