Issue 48, "Entertaining Mr. Evans"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case
Inker: Scott Hanna

written by William Sherman (, dited by Robert Kelly (

A trio of blue superbeings called the Sex Men (named Cuddle, Kiss and Torture) appear in a Rhode Island town, intent on stamping out rampant lust. They find the town transformed into a rather inventive display of orgiastic fervor. One of the people they find is Scarlet Harlot.

Shadowy Mr. Evans (with Clankie) is surveying the scene with satisfaction. Cliff confronts him, but is staggered by a strange dream about the Doom Patrol, which Evans places in his mind. The Sex Men arrive.

Meanwhile, in Venice, the black stain on the painting is growing, and Doctor Silence agitatedly watches.

Evans decapitates Cuddle. He claims to have been the Serpent in Eden, and that he has appeared on Earth to help us free our true selves. He takes Cliff and the Sex Men on a hallucinatory roller-coaster ride, trying to convince them of his mission. He warns them of an impending holocaust, saying "Beware the Candlemaker". Could this be Dorothy's strange subconscious creature? They stumble upon Jane, er, Scarlet Harlot. A dweller in Evans' strange world tells Cliff the magic words which will banish Evans from reality: lottery, sheet music, single-handed, and kneecap. Cliff tricks Evans into singing them, and he vanishes, vowing to return. Jane absorbs the city's group hallucination. The Sex Men disappear, leaving Cliff (and us) to wonder who they were.

Back at HQ, Rebis has shed his/her skin (body?), and has transformed into a swirling ball of green light. Scarlet Harlot's verdict is "See? I told you. Screwing."

written by William Sherman

p. 2: "Kiss, cuddle and torture" is a line from the song "The Best Man's Fall" by the Trash Can Sinatras, from their album Cake.

p. 5: "Sturm und Drang" is German for "storm and drive". It's a common description for the works of people like Wagner and Goethe (especially Wagner).

p. 6: The fetus is singing "I am completely dedicated to love from head to toe," which was sung by Marlene Dietrich in her first appearance in die Blaue Engel (thanks to Bill Running [] for pointing this out!).

p. 9: There's Jane's logo on the plane.

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