Issue 47, "The World, the Flesh, and the Devil"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case
Inker: Mark McKenna

written by William Sherman (, edited by Robert Kelly (

We are introduced to a strange being called "The Shadowy Mr. Evans". He is best described as yet another chaotic supernatural being. He looks like a suave high-society fellow, with a periscope growing out of his head.

Also, we are treated to a follow-up on our friend Willoughby Kipling, from the Dada story. He's in Berlin, getting drunk. He talks with a mysterious hooded figure about the impending Apocalypse, and about the return of the Shadowy Mr. Evans. Evans is a sign of the Apocalypse, it seems. Said Apocalypse should run from 1992 to 1999, with all life on earth snuffed out by 2012. Kipling's response to this is to get merrily tweaked.

At DP HQ, the weird apparition vanishes without a trace, and the Chief kicks everyone out of the lab. Cliff and Jane go for coffee. Josh tells Rebis that Larry Trainor's mother has died, and gets little reaction. Rebis is busy meditating on a set of Russian dolls which fit inside one another, recursively (the dolls originally belonged to Eleanor Poole). After Josh leaves, Rebis removes his/her bandages, finding a dessicated, vermin-infested body beneath.

In Venice, Dr. Silence is watching the painting. A mysterious blotch of black has appeared on its surface.

In Danny's coffee shop, Jane tells Cliff that her personality structure is going to go into turmoil very soon, and that she will need his help to get through it.

Shadowy Mr. Evans, in his fabulous mansion, considers going to the physical plane, talking with his young assistant Clankie.

In the coffee shop, Jane transforms into Scarlet Harlot (with wardrobe to match) and begins propositioning everyone in sight. Cliff tries to calm her down, but fails. Things get a little strange, and Evans appears, amid great and tumultuous strangeness.

written by William Sherman

Shadowy Mr. Evans bears a striking resemblance to Cole Porter. Again, does Morrison bear Porter a grudge, or what?

p. 1: the name Samael has been extensively discussed in the Sandman annotation debates. JHVH is Yahweh, Jehovah. Hebrew has no vowels, and so "JHVH" is an accurate transcription.

p. 21: "Why Don't We Do It In the Road" is another song from the Beatles' "White Album".

p. 21: Some bystander is wearing a Jane's Addiction t-shirt.

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