Issue 41, "Fallen Angel"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case
Inker: Mark McKenna

written by William Sherman (, edited by Robert Kelly (

In a fourth and final prologue, Dolores Watson, still looking for Flex (who is with Dorothy at DP HQ), is captured by something nasty.

Off in space somewhere, the two armies (and the Doom Patrol) gather near the fallen Judge Rock. Huss demands the sacred flower from Rhea, who instead gives it to Cliff, telling him to return it to the Rock. Rebis suggests that the two forces settle their dispute by a potlatch: they must take turns destroying that which is precious to them, until one side relents. The Pyx and the Shadow Cabinet are destroyed, and the powers of the two forces are lost with them. Cliff plants the flower inside the Judge Rock.

The Judge Rock awakens; Rhea tells everyone that the Rock is in fact an angel from Earth, named Balzizras, which stole a cutting from the Tree of Knowledge (the flower itself) and struck off into space to try making a better world. The world, however, was simplistic. Now that the flower is planted, creativity will blossom. On the other hand, the Rock could be a psychic projection from a dying German woman named Ilse Krauss (we've never heard of her before).

The surviving members of the two civilizations decide to build a Babel-esque tower all the way to heaven. Rhea takes off into deep space, on her way to a certain star.

written by William Sherman

p. 3: The USS Eldridge is the ship from the famous "Philadelphia Experiment" rumor. Supposedly, the Navy was trying out a method for making ships invisible (or for teleportation) and used a whole ship full of sailors as guinea pigs. Something strange happened and the ship materialized with people stuck in the walls. It is claimed that some of its survivors still wander Philadelphia, psychotic and sometimes invisible.

As I mentioned in the summaries, the construction of a tower high enough to reach the heavens is a reference to the Biblical Tower of Babel, from Genesis 11.

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