Issue 4, "Trouble in Kansas City!"

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: Steve Lightle
Inker: Gary Martin

written by William Sherman (

Weeks later, Cliff discovers that the old headquarters in Midway City is being converted into co-ops. He is searching for Arani.

In Kansas City, Arani is training Rhea in a Danger-Room setup. Her powers are magnetic in nature, including flight and strength. She's having trouble fitting in with the group. Larry is living with the team, feeble and bandaged. Valentina refuses to give up her powers, which might heal him.

In a nearby mall, an annoying young man with an erratic fashion sense robs a store, and escapes, but not before getting involved with a mishap involving police gunfire and bystanders falling from high railings. Seemingly, everyone who attacks him encounters what might best be termed "bad luck", always tripping and missing.

Josh and Rhea socialize, and Rhea tells her origin. They find the abovementioned slippery youth in the lobby, and when they try to subdue him, they find themselves tripping, slipping and generally acting clumsily. He identifies himself as Wayne Hawkins, Arani's latest recruit.

(Rhea's superhero "handle" is to be Lodestone, and Wayne's is "Karma".)

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