Issue 39, "Bell, Book and Candle"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case
Inker: Mark McKenna

written by William Sherman (, edited by Robert Kelly (

In another prologue, a woman named Dolores Watson, seeking Flex Mentallo, consults a medium. The theme of telephones is reinforced.

At the HQ, Dorothy has cut off Flex's beard, and cut his hair.

In the Insect Mesh, Cliff and Jane are taken to the center of the Mesh, the Cage of Insect Generation. A war-creature of the Geomancers, called a Smoke Dog, appears, and bites Cliff in half (!). Jane's personality Black Annis emerges and kills it.

Huss shows Rebis and Rhea the Shadow Cabinet, where the souls of Huss' predecessors are stored. It is the central object of Geomancer power; it runs the Kaleidoscape. He explains to Rebis that he calls him/her "The Uroboros" because it is a self-regenerating monster, but that he/she is only in a preliminary state of development. Rebis replies, "Yes, the Aenigma Regis is to come soon". The Aenigma Regis was previously mentioned, in Issue 27. What about Kathy Lee? (sorry, folks, bad joke)

In the Insect Mesh, the Anathematicians summon -- with bell, book and candle -- the insect powers which are their power source: a cabinet of insects, called the Pyx. These insects release a pheromone which causes the locals to become one new, unified mind. Cliff reappears, his lower half replaced by eight insectoid legs.

written by William Sherman

For the significance of the title, see the entry for Issue 38.

p. 3. "Waiting For Godot" by Samuel Beckett, an important minimalist play.

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