Issue 38, "Lost in Space"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case
Inker: Mark McKenna

written by William Sherman (, edited by Robert kelly (

Prologue: we see the disappearance of Flight 19 over the Bermuda Triangle in 1945. In 1956, a "psychic sleuth" named Harry Christmas, investigating a haunted dinner service, makes a tape recording which mysteriously contains the voices of Flight 19. In 1968, a student named Wallace Sage bought the sugar tongs from that service and soon disappeared, but his mother received a strange phone call from him, about an "Ant Farm". This is all foreshadowing for an upcoming storyline, along with the question, "Why is the Pentagon the shape that it is?".

Rebis is floating in a chaotic dimension called the Kaleidoscape, which is inhabited by the Geomancers. Rebis and Rhea are being taken to the war mentioned above.

On Earth, the emissaries of the Orthodoxy explain themseves to the remaining DPers. Their war with the Geomancers evolved from a conventional physical conflict to a psychic one, and thereafter the leaders of the Orthodoxy, the Anathematicians, managed to curse the Geomancers out of space. However, this has allowed them to create the Kaleidoscape. They fear that the Geomancers will use Rhea to attack something called the Judge Rock, a being which oversees the eternal balance of the war. It is a city upon a mountain with three faces.

Rhea is with Huss, leader of the Geomancers, who calls Rebis "The Uroboros" (the serpent which eats its tail), and calls Rhea "The Lodestone". Huss tells them that they have no choice but to aid them in destroying the Judge Rock, since they cannot leave the Kaleidoscape without the Geomancers' assistance. Huss tells Rebis that in the city on the Judge Rock, there is a sacred object upon which the beliefs of these two civilizations rest. Huss plans to have Rhea enter the combat zones between the two powers, destroy the Rock (which is located in the center of those zones) and appropriate the flower which is this talisman.

The Emissaries arrive home in the Mesh, with Cliff and Jane.

written by William Sherman

The title "Lost in Space" is that of an American children's science-fiction television show from the sixties and seventies (?). Warning, Will Robinson!

Bill Mumy, who played Will Robinson on that show, is rumored to be a comics creator these days (thanks to Michael S. Schiffer []). He is certainly also one half of the novelty music group Barnes and Barnes, of "Fish Heads" fame (thanks to Andrew Moran [] and R. Jung []).

p. 1: Flight 19 is the most famous "Bermuda Triangle" story. I read in a recent newspaper that the planes had been found, at the bottom of the ocean.

p. 2: Panel 4 is an obvious reference to the ads for the film "The Exorcist"

p. 16: "Bell, book and candle": The Roman Catholic excommunication ceremony involves tolling a bell (that everyone may know), closing a book (the Bible?), and snuffing a candle to signify that the light of the Church no longer shines on this individual (thanks to Michael S. Schiffer). Neil Gaiman and Pratchett used this phrase in _Good Omens_.

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