Issue 37, "Persephone"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case
Inker: Mark McKenna

written by William Sherman (, edited by Robert kelly (

This issue opens with a one-page plot summary of the Doom Patrol history to date, which includes an inside reference to a comic book called "My Greenest Adventure". "My Greatest Adventure" was the comic that eventually turned into "The Doom Patrol", but this is also a reference to an upcoming storyline.

Cliff is trying to bring the Chief up to date on their latest acquaintances. Rhea is awake, floating in a room in the HQ, surrounded by floating metallic objects (her powers are magnetic). Her face is missing, but there is a large green eye on her chest (and, seemingly, one on her lower back). She is very talkative, and tells her friends that she is becoming attuned to the Earth's magnetic field. We are shown a map of this field, but it looks more like an airline-route map to me.

Rhea flies off to the circus (her childhood environment). Mysteriously enough, there is indeed a circus outside the HQ. The DP enter it, searching for Rhea, but are separated and distracted. The circus is very well done; it's quite macabre, and rather reminiscent of the work of Clive Barker.

The circus vanishes, taking Rhea and Rebis with it. The aliens arrive, too late. Their rivals had created the circus to ensnare Rhea.

written by William Sherman

The title refers to a character from Greek mythology. Persephone was kidnapped by Hades for a bride, as was Rhea (by Red Jack).

p. 10: Rhea vaguely recalls Red Jack.

the Circus: recall that Rhea travelled with a circus before joining the Doom Patrol.

p. 17: "Cesarina" is a reference to the film "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari". One of its characters is a pale somnambulist named "Cesar".

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