Issue 36, "Box of Delights"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Kelley Jones
Inker: Mark McKenna

written by William Sherman (, edited by Robert Kelly (

The Doom Patrol arrive at Danny the Street, in New York, by cab, summoned by the police. The Men from NOWHERE are outclassed, and the DP handily kill them while Sara tells them about Danny.

The change to the art of Kelley Jones is a bit of a shock; compared to the relatively stiff and clean art of Case, it's more fluid and kinetic, and the scene of violence which opens this issue is all the more in-your-face because of it.

Out in space, a strange vessel approaches Earth, seeking "The Pupa". Its two crewmembers worry that rivals of theirs have reached it first. They are emissaries of a civilization called the Orthodoxy of the Insect Mesh, which is locked in perpetual war with a rebellious group called the Ultraquist Geomancers (all this is revealed later).

One of Danny's inhabitants, a large man with a beard, has encountered the Men from NOWHERE before (this will be explained) and futilely warns Crazy Jane not to look into the tear in the sleeve of one of the Men. Anyone who does so is transported to a gloomy place of existential futility called the Tearoom of Despair. The ploy fails against Jane, though; she likes it there. The Sin-Eater (one of Jane's personalities) brings her back. One of the Men from NOWHERE shoots Sara, enraging Danny.

Back at home, Mr. Jones prepares a Delirium Box -- a device which causes anyone who looks into it to experience hallucinogenic effects. He leaves his house, stepping unexpectedly onto Danny, who has come after Jones. One of Danny's windows explodes at Jones, who still manages to incapacitate everyone with the Delirium Box. Danny, however, is unaffected, and swallows him up. He alters Jones' appearance in a very kinky fashion, and puts him back home, where Jones' boss (whoever that might be) sees him in a particularly strange get-up.

The mysterious man reveals himself to be Flex Mentallo, Man of Muscle Mystery. His story will be told in later issues. For the time being, everyone mostly ignores him.

Rhea Jones begins emitting blasts of light, and awakens, transformed. She is the Pupa sought by the aliens.

written by William Sherman

The man with the monocle is quoting from Mel Brooks' "The Producers". All of his lines duplicate those of the "Carmen Ghia" character.

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