Issue 35, "Down Paradise Way"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case
Inker: John Nyberg

written by William Sherman (, edited by Robert Kelly (

A woman named Sara Furness is waiting for an old friend. The meadow outside her house turns into a street, and her friend Danny is back. Danny, it seems, is a sentient street who can move about the Earth at will. He communicates by forming words out of the signs in his windows, or out of the steam drifting out of his grates. Danny is inhabited by a group of vagrants and passengers who have drifted on board and never left. In addition, Danny's personality is on the campy side, and he sports a perpetual cabaret/drag show. His shops are generally macho businesses (gun shop, gym...), but decorated in a frilly fashion. Danny is a transvestite.

At DP HQ, Cliff is back in his old, obsolete body, itching for a new one. Josh is helping to train Dorothy in the use of her mental powers. The group has a rather ineffectual group meeting, after which Jane decorates Rebis' bandages.

The scene shifts to a strange sitcom suburbia, inhabited by a Darren Jones and his wife. After putting out his wife's eyes, he hosts a reception for the Men from NOWHERE, a collection of bizarre-looking (surprise) beings who speak only in sentences of words beginning with the letters n, o, w, h, e, r, e. For example, "No obstruction will hamper eminently righteous endeavors." Jones refers to them as homonculi.

As they eat a dinner of squirming bugs and "skinless stew", Jones tells them that he formed them to act as 'normalcy agents', whose mission is to destroy strangeness in all its forms. Their first target is to be Danny the Street.

On Danny the Street, the evening's cabaret performance is interrupted by the arrival of the Men from NOWHERE, who begin killing Danny's 'passengers'. Danny shifts to New York when Sara suggests it, which is probably a good idea, considering how many superheroes are there.

written by William Sherman

Danny The Street is clearly a reference to Danny La Rue, the famous British transvestite (thanks to Danny Sichel []).

p. 3: The Juvenal quotation is translated "It is to be prayed that a healthy mind be in a healthy body", according to my new and improved sources (thanks to Col G.L. Sicherman []). Comics fans will note that Juvenal is also the source of the famous line "Who watches the watchmen?".

p. 23: Token suckers are for real (NYC). Also, a passerby is referring to David Lynch's utterly bizarre film "Eraserhead" (thanks again to Col. G.L. Sicherman).

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