Issue 32, "Decreator"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case

written by Robert Kelly (, edited by William Sherman (

"As I've explained already, the Cult of the Unwritten Book has a number of subdivisions. One such subdivision is the Pale Police. The Pale Police are assassins: ugly buggers with B.O. and absolutely no sense of humor. What they do is study the thumbprint of their intended victim, meditating upon its whorls and curves for seven days. And then they ritually draw the print on their helmets from memory.

"The helmet is sacred: used only once and destroyed with the victim's body. This, they believe, traps the victim's soul in the maze of his own thumbprint."

One curious and little-known fact about the Pale Police is that they can only talk in anagrams. Listening to a conversation between two of them is like trying to do the "Times" crossword.

Not that you'd ever catch me reading the bloody "Times." If you want real news, about the real world, my advice is to pick up the Sunday Sport or the National Enquirer. However, I digress. (the beginning of Issue 32)

Now, let's see a fabulous, beatifully artworked fight between the Doom Patrol -- Rebis the alien hermaphrodite, Crazy Jane the nutcase and Cliff Steel in his wonderful new body -- and the Cult of the Unwritten Book's Hiroshima Shadows is TOTALLY downplayed in the background while Willoughby Kipling, Coward and Mystic, ex-Knight Templar and Alcoholic, berates the Boy who is also the Book of the Fifth Window.

And you wonder why people say this book is weird?

The Cult of the Fifth.. no, the Cult of the Unwritten Book, yeah, that's the ticket! Anyways, the Cult is wreaking havoc all over Barcelona. A lot of this book is Kipling telling us how weird the Cult actually is, but it is also an incomparable treat.

Just as the Dada storyline was a visual feast, this one is a weird-fest. All of the Cult agents are entering this world from a mystical (??) pseudo-strange city called Nurnheim. They enter through a wound: a wound on a person. This time it just happens to be on Emilio Cuervo.

So, as Rebis and Kipling decide to gather some materials consisting of postcards and booze, Cliff goes the Sagrada Familia to check out how Emilio is doing. Crazy Jane is left in the room to watch the Boy/Fifth Book.

Each meets their peril: Cliff gets sucked into Nurnheim through the Wound, which seems to be familiar to him. Rebis and Kipling meet up with a Pale Policeman, er, officer, and Jane loses the Boy to other agents. Suddenly, there is a BIG EYE in the SKY and we are faced with...

the end, of course.

written by William Sherman

p. 3: Kipling is misquoting Shakespeare's _Henry V_: He says "Once more into the breach," but should say "*unto* the breach." From III.i.1.

Pale Police anagrams, courtesy of Col. G.L. Sicherman (

p. 8 "Happening?" "You are the gateway." "Nowhere to run!" "Nowhere to run."

p. 13 "Stop! Do not attempt to move!"

p. 16 "You cannot escape!" "Stay where you are!" "We've waited a long time for you" "Look!"

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