Issue 28 "Labyrinths"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case

written by Robert Kelly (, edited by William Sherman (

Here was a pleasant interaction between two superheroes, and an ironic exchange. Through a JLI/E excuse, Animal Man meets the Doom Patrol. For those that don't know, _Animal_Man_ was also written by Grant Morrison at this time.

" Hi there! You must be Robotman..."
"And you must be the guy who states the obvious."

Rebis, Crazy Jane and Cliff Steele enter the painting. Each level of the painting is a representation of a style of art: Surrealism, Photorealism, Impressionism. This issue allows Richard Case to really strut his ability at art. Were I an artist, I'd probably LOVE Grant Morrison for giving me an opportunity like this.

Well, the DP get split up and defeated by the Brotherhood of Dada. Jane gets wiped out by the Fog (in a way), the Quiz (alias Deus ex Machina Person) takes out Rebis, and Cliff bites it from both Mr. Nobody and Sleepwalk.

Man, they get their butts _kicked_! Each battle happens in a different "genre" of the painting and is a visual feast.

In the end, the Dadaists are partying (strangely, minus the Fog) and Sleepwalk awakes screaming about a Fifth Horseman.


written by William Sherman

p. 16-17: The floppy clocks and the weird crutches are visual references to Salvador Dali's paintings, especially "The Persistence of Memory". Notice that one of the clocks says "Magritte".

p. 21: Rain Brain says "riverrun". "riverrun" is the first word in James Joyce's masterpiece _Finnegans Wake_, with which I am sure Morrison is at least vaguely familiar. "riverrun" is a multi-leveled word (as are most words in _FW_), but one level is a pun on the French "reverrons" (sp?), "let us dream".

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