Issue 27, "The Painting That Ate Paris"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case

written by Robert Kelly (, edited by William Sherman (

This, gentle readers, is a weird issue. Nowhere Man explains what the Brotherhood is going to do: steal a painting which is capable of eating things. It has a hunger, he says.

Cliff and Rebis butt heads over Rebis' weird behavior. The Brotherhood steal the painting. Then we see them at the Eiffel Tower where they declare themselves to be the conquerers of the Earth by throwing a dead chicken at the foot of a police officer. "I'm afraid I can't understand a word you're saying. I don't speak Fascist."

And Paris disappears into the painting. *Poof*

written by William Sherman

p. 8: Push, pop and stack are terms from computing, not mathematics.

p. 22: The policeman being turned into a toilet is surely a reference to Marcel Duchamp's sculpture "Fountain", which is simply a urinal signed by Duchamp. The fact that it's a policeman may refer to a similar incident in the "newspaper" which accompanies Jethro Tull's album _Aqualung_. That newspaper relates a story about a riot at an art exhibit, during which one of the rioting artists squirts a tube of cadmium yellow paint on a policeman's helmet and then signs it. The policeman is then tied up and included in the exhibit, and no-one helps him. It's probably too far a stretch to notice that a policeman in Dylan Thomas' "Under Milk Wood" uses his helmet as a bedpan, but it's a fun fact.

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