Issue 26, "Nowhere Man"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case

written by Robert Kelly (, edited by William Sherman (

Enter the Brotherhood of Dada: "the debris of society, the human detritus cast ashore in the wake of the Gene Bomb... Are (they) not proof that the universe is a drooling idiot with no fashion sense." Now, I would like to explain that Morrison got more out of the Invasion comic than the Invasion comic did. Not all superheroes and villains are presentable to Rolling Stone magazine and capable of dancing on MTV.

The Brotherhood of Dada is:

Nowhere Man, the Artist Star of Dada Symbolism. He once was a man in the original Brotherhood of Evil, but no one could remember him. Now, he is a pseudo-dimensional being with a grudge against all of DC comics and their universe.

Sleepwalk... or Holly... is a being of infinite strength, but only when she is sleeping. She wears headphones playing Barry Manilow and takes sleeping pills before she goes into combat.

Frenzy is an enigma. Lloyd is a homeless individual with a habit of accidentally destroying things. He turns into a big cloud and throws things around. Wild stuff. He is also illiterate and black.

The Fog is another enigma: the perfect geek, named Byron Shelly after Lord Byron and Mary & Percy Shelly, the literary greats (I suspect that Morrison saw the movie _Gothic_ one too many times). He turns into a fog and swallows people. When he speaks, he is constantly being interrupted by those he already swallowed. Wow, huh?

The Quiz is a Japanese lady with all the powers you haven't thought of yet. Thus she is in competition with Crazy Jane for the "Deus ex Machina" Superhero award. She is also a little concerned about a dirty environment.

The beginning of this issue is very funny: a Japanese superhero and his sidekicks who man the "Adventures of SunBurst" TV show (number one show in Japan!) contend with the Dadaists, who are breaking the Quiz out of jail.

Next, there is a postmortem on the "Red Jack" and "Imaginary Friends" storylines. Rhea is diagnosed as transforming into something else. We will find this out later.

Then we discover who Nowhere Man is. A brilliant job of retconning that establishes why you never heard of Mr. Nowhere before. It also explains his infatuations with the Osmonds, lava lamps, Velveeta Cheese Food ... great stuff.

Meanwhile, we get a teaser to Issue 30: Cliff and Crazy Jane are discussing all of her personalities and the idea of making a map of her "underground" where the personalities live. This scene ends when No One comes forth and says a few prophetic things about Jane going even more crazy in the future.

The book ends with the villains officially calling themselves Brotherhood of Dada. These things aren't easily done, you know.

written by William Sherman

The title is a song by the Beatles.

p. 8: The Mercedez-Benz symbol is incorrectly shown instead of the Peace symbol (a common error) on the groovy poster on the wall.

p. 24: "And the pants of the vicar" is a famous Dada line but I don't know where it's from.

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