Issue 24, "The House that Jack Built"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Casei
Letterer: John Workman

written by Robert Kelly (, edited by William Sherman (

Everyone, separated but in the house, encounters stange things. Rebis meets a fifty-foot puppet. [note: we are treated to an interior dialogue between the Larry and Eleanor sides of Rebis, as they search the house. -ed.] Jane meets a Clive Barker-esque storyteller machine. Cliff meets a very powerful Red Jack, who claims that he is God. Shades of "You don't ask the Almighty for Identification, Jim".

A battle scene where the DP get themselves trounced in a very big way follows; it's amusing to see Cliff eat his arm and have him exclaim "Awwww Szzzzzh.." before clubbed into submission by his missing appendage. Jane encounters the Butterfly collection and starts to think.

[note: Red Jack hints that Rhea is transforming into something else while in her coma. This prefigures later developments. -ed.]

Rhea awakes from her coma, steals Jack's knife and stabs him. The butterflies swarm the air. Jane shows up and asks whether she did right by releasing all of the Butterflies. Jack outdoes Mel Gibson's Hamlet death. Rebis is indifferent, even though s/he has been punctured, Jane carries Cliff and Cliff scratches his dented metal head and wonders whether they have just killed God.

[don't get your hopes up; Rhea relapses into her coma after stabbing Jack. -ed.]

written by William Sherman

The title refers to a Mother Goose nursery rhyme.

pp. 9-10: Jack is quoting the Cole Porter song "Cheek to Cheek".

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