Issue 22, "The Ossuary"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case
Letterer: John Workman

written by Bob Kelly (, edited by William Sherman (

In the imaginary dimension of Orqwith, the new DP (Cliff Steele, Rebis and Crazy Jane) have a field day trying to prove to Orqwith that it does not exist.

Next step in Morrison's storyline: downplay the violence. This is the beginning of "if the Doom Patrol enters battle, they win."

Later on, it becomes VERY apparent that Morrison is not interested in superhero battles, just the medium of comics.

Simultaneously, the Chief does his homework back on planet Earth: he hunts down one of the philosophers, shoots him in the leg and asks how to stop the Orqwith invasion. Answer: "It just has to be made to confront its own unreality." [note: this "philosopher" is one of the authors of the book which created Orqwith. -ed.]

During the battle, we are introduced to a couple more of Deus Ex Machina Woman... er, Crazy Jane's personalities. Rebis penetrates the Ossuary, where the Scissormen equivalents to the Pope and President stay... except that one of them is an honest man rather than both being liars.

Rebis asks "Why is there something instead of nothing?" to the liar, who lies of course, and deduces that Orqwith can't possibly exist.

The end of the story: the Chief asks that the DP'ers stay on to fight against the unknown, the strange, the insanity, (Where is Shade when you need him?) and of course they accept, or there wouldn't be any comic book.

Two epilogues follow: one precursing the Red Jack Story (Issues 23 and 24) and the other, the Brotherhood of Dada.

written by John Bullough (

According to Carl Muckenhoupt (, "the ending [of the Orqwith saga] is copied, in some detail, from the 'Island of Maya' chapter in Raymond Smullyan's _What Is the Name of This Book?_."

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