Issue 21, "Worlds in Collision"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Richard Case

written by Bob Kelly (, edited by William Sherman (

We discover that Orqwith is the cause of all these terrible deeds around the world. Orqwith, a dimension, is joining with ours. (Makes things a little cramped.) The first half of the book tells how Cliff and Jane made their escape, also revealing one of the meanest creatures in Jane's Psyche, Black Annis.

The second half is brainstorming and character development until the Scissormen invade and take Josh as a cut-out (?). The new Doom Patrol, Cliff, Crazy Jane and Rebis, go out after him.

[notes: we also get another look at the Kansas City headquarters and its hangar. Cliff and Jane escape from some Scissormen by firing the engines of a jet plane, eerily reminiscent of Arani's death. Jane's personality Mama Pentecost translates the self-referential book which created Orqwith, and helps the Chief figure out what's going on. This is the book carried by the burning man in Issue 19. -ed.]

written by William Sherman

About Orqwith: an encyclopedia about a fictional place is not a new idea. I suspect that Morrison is largely thinking about such books as the _Codex Seraphinianus_ by "Luigi Seraphini" (probably a pseudonym), a famous work of this type. While it is not written in a tactile alphabet, the _Codex_ is written in an artificial (possibly meaningless) alien calligraphy.

Another recent book of this type is an "encyclopedic novel" by Milorad Pavic, entitled _The Dictionary of the Khazars_.

The creation of a fictional world by self-referential literature is also hinted at in Jorge Luis Borges' "Tlo:n, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius", from the _Ficciones_ collection, but this has more of a lit-crit feel.

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