Issue 2, "Satellite of Doom!"

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: Steve Lightle
Inker: Gary Martin

written by William Sherman (

Josh and Arani are being held prisoner in Kalki's stronghold in Jamaica. Kalki apparently believes himself to be the final avatar of the god Vishnu, and that he must kill humanity as part of a cosmic cycle of death and rebirth.

A mysterious patient is being kept alive elsewhere in the installation. He moans the names "Cliff" and "Rita".

Cliff is in another dimension, fighting demons who keep trying to eat him.

Lt. Harry Stein of the NYPD is in Jamaica too, to investigate the situation. (Stein is a character from the "Vigilante" book.) Valentina is also on the island, looking for Arani and the others. She wants to protect them from certain members of the military, who would probably try to have them killed if it were discovered that they were active again as superheroes. Note: nothing ever comes of this fear, even after the group goes public.

Kalki was originally a colleague of Niles Caulder, who accidentally mutated himself while testing a serum of some kind.

Cliff escapes from the other dimension, breaking through Kalki's chest armor. Negative Woman finds the complex, and during the ensuing confusion Cliff and Valentina find the mysterious patient; they feel that they know who it is. That's right, it's Larry Trainor. Kalki forces them to submit by threatening to kill Arani and Josh.

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