Issue 17, "From Gil'Dishpan ... With Doom!"

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: Graham Nolan
Inker: Timothy Dzon

written by William Sherman (

The Dominators' alliance has invaded the Earth; the Sea Devils and Aquaman (at the head of an Atlantean army) encounter the Gil'Dishpan ship under the Arctic ice cap. (This issue takes place after Book One of the Invasion series, which did not directly involve the Doom Patrol)

Garguax, rejected by the Alliance, lands at DP headquarters and offers to help the Earth forces in their war (so that he can conquer Earth later). The DP heads for the Arctic with Garguax and his warriors. As they arrive, the Atlanteans et al. are already attacking.

The battle goes against the alien forces, and the Gil'Dishpan commanders decide to fire the ship's engines, thereby killing the Earth army as well as many of their own minions. One of the Sea Devils notices that the engines are starting, and everyone evacuates the area ... everyone but Arani, who futilely decides to try supercooling the engine cowlings to keep them from firing. As Josh observes, this is useless against a ship which can fly through the supercold vacuum of space, but Arani keeps trying and is killed when the engines become active.

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