Issue 15, "Hail to the Chief!"

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: Erik Larsen
Inker: Jim Sanders III

written by William Sherman (

General Immortus is running a retirement home which is really a secret paramilitary base. His intelligence agents reveal to him that Niles Caulder is alive and well in Washington. Some of his geriatric operatives visit Sven Larsen in prison and bust him out, but drop dead when the helicopters take Larsen away. Larsen is Animal-Mineral-Vegetable Man, an old enemy of the DP. He can assume any shape made of those substances. Yikes!

Arani has come to a similar conclusion (Niles being alive, of course) with her computer projects, but Cliff and Josh are skeptical.

Val interrupts the Chief at work; her mysterious phone call in Issue 11 was made to him. It seems that she's been aware of his good health for quite some time, giving him secret reports of DP activity.

Josh tells Scott about the leukemia, but agrees to keep it a secret.

Arani takes the Patrol to Washington, to search for Niles. Their trip is monitored by Immortus' organization. Arani confronts Val about her secret scrambled calls. She knows that Val knows where Niles is. Their fight is interrupted by a platoon of old men with super weaponry. The superannuated goons fail in their attack.

Suddenly, the Animal-Mineral-Vegetable Man shows up as a tremendous dinosaur. Together with more souped-up senior citizens, he beats down the DP. General Immortus arrives to gloat, and Niles arrives in a limo. Arani and the others are unconscious.

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