Issue 13, "Power and Chaos"

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: Erik Larsen
Inker: Alan Gordon

written by William Sherman (

Larry awakens on earth. It seems that the Negative Being saved his body from the plane before returning to Valentina. He discovers that he is healed of the lingering effects of his radiation illness, no longer requiring the trademark mummy-bandages.

In New York, Power Girl meets with a Chaos Lord named Pythia, who is tearing up the street. They begin fighting. As the battle continues, Pythia proceeds to mutate into an inhuman monster, and pounds Power Girl into unconsciousness.

The KC police finally come for Wayne, who escapes from the HQ even though everyone tries to stop him.

Fortunately, Shad Z. Daly ( gave us the poop on Wayne's subsequent, albeit tragic adventures. Take it away, Shad:

"He next appeared in SUICIDE SQUAD #58. Here's a synopsis of the DP-relevant portions of SUICIDE SQUAD #58 [The Patrol and the Squad met up in DOOM PATROL/SUICIDE SQUAD SPECIAL Number 1. -- JB]:

Black Adam (a Captain Marvel villain shows up at the Institute of Meta-Human Studies looking for Amanda Waller. It tuirns out that Circe (a Wonder Woman villain) has been causing chaos all over the world as part of her plan to steal the powers of the Gods, and Black Adam wants to stop her (this all ties into the WAR OF THE GODS crossover miniseries). Black Adam needs someone to distract Circe's werebeasts and rogue Amazons while he attacks Circe on her jungle island, and who better than a Suicide Squad? Amanda agrees to go along because the Fate of the World is at stake (and Black Adam has threatened to kill her and everyone else in a 100 mile radius if she refuses).

So Amanda gathers everyone she can on such a short notice. Included in the group is Wayne, who was promised that all charges would be dropped if he goes on this mission. Still, he thinks, "I can avoid a blow if I know it's comin', but if you're in the middle of a war, how the hell you supposed to know where every blow's comin' from?"

So they go into battle, and Wayne is holding his own, causing the werebeasts who attack him in hand-to-claw combat to screw up and miss, etc. But while he is doing this, he is shot from behind by an Amazon with a machine gun (who he never even saw), and he (apparently) dies.

So much for Wayne, eh? I suppose he could have survived, and someone could bring him back in the future, but I doubt it."

Thanks, Shad! Now back to our regular story!

A healthy and rejuvenated Larry arrives at HQ, and gets an enthusiastic welcome from Cliff and the others... but Valentina assaults him, furious with his recent actions. The others break up the fight.

Later, Power Girl crashes through the roof.

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