Issue 12, "Invasion"

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: Erik Larsen
Inker: Gary Martin

written by William Sherman (

Garguax demands the surrender of Earth, showing Robotman's crushed body to the horrified millions. In conference, the President resolves to fight Garguax, and consoles a weeping Niles Caulder (yes, he's alive). He was the official in Issue 9 who recognized the plastic men, but he is hardly recognizable without the beard.

The DP are launched into space in the Space Shuttle, leaving behind the comatose Valentina.

On Garguax's ship, Cliff's brain is being kept alive in a box.

Larry flies around in the Negative Energy form, but he keeps getting drawn towards Valentina's hospital room. He commandeers an airplane and heads for the stratosphere; far above the earth, he leaves the plane in Negative form, leaving his body in the plane.

Garguax captures the shuttle but finds only the NASA pilots aboard. The DP sneak on board and enter battle. Scott opens communication with Cliff via radio. As the DP approach the bridge, Garguax begins firing the stolen nuclear missiles at the Earth. Larry stops them, and the DP escape (with the pilots and Cliff's brain). After being shattered by the missile explosion, the Negative Being returns to Valentina's body.

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