Issue 11, "Betrayed -- by Larry Trainor!"

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: Erik Larsen
Inker: Gary Martin

written by William Sherman (

Garguax is still planning to conquer the Earth, and to have his revenge against his old enemy Robotman. (Of course, Cliff no longer goes by that name.)

In Belle Reve, Larry gets Reactron alone in a lab, claiming that he wants to run some tests in a search for a cure to his radiation sickness. He surreptitiously attaches an explosive to Reactron's chest, and offers him a deal: do me one favor, and I'll let you escape. Reactron accepts. It's worth noting that Reactron and Josh were in Vietnam together, and Reactron wants to kill Josh. When Reactron (then a simple soldier) committed some atrocities against civilians, Josh discovered his powers by blasting him (and thereby activating Reactron's powers, too).

Cliff, Valentina and Scott take her new plane up for a spin, and they are attacked by Garguax's plastic men. They kidnap Cliff. On Garguax's ship, Cliff is put into a pit with a monstrous warrior, for Garguax's amusement. The warrior tears Cliff's limbs off, and smashes his head.

The DP get ready to go help Cliff, and Valentina sneaks off to her room to make a secret phone call. When she finishes, Reactron bursts into her room and attacks her. Josh and Wayne arrive, but Reactron manages to drain the Negative Being from Valentina's body before escaping. Josh can't find a heartbeat in Valentina's body.

Reactron meets Larry nearby, but cannot control the Negative energy. It explodes out of him and into Larry. When the smoke clears, Larry is alone in a crater.

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