Issue 10, "The Soul of the Machine"

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: Erik Larsen
Inker: Gary Martin

written by William Sherman (

Cliff is worried about some defective body parts which he received from Lexcorp.

At Cliff's ranch, the villain Metallo (also a human brain in a robotic body) is ransacking Cliff's storehouse, looking for parts. It seems that some parts of his were sent to Cliff. Metallo gets this information from Cliff's assistant and heads for Kansas City.

In KC, the picket line continues, and Councilman Reynolds (the bribe recipient) speaks out against the presence of the DP in town.

In Belle Reve Prison in Louisiana, Larry visits the supervillain Reactron, who has control over all forms of radiation.

Josh tries to revive his ill-fated romance with Valentina, but she wants to let it rest.

In the training room, Cliff's body suddenly goes out of control: it's being remotely controlled by Metallo. It breaks out of the house, with the rest of the DP in tow, and they are confronted by Metallo (and his horde of robotic drones). The battle is joined.

Off in Smallville, Superman hears a broadcast report of the melee, and sets off to help. Metallo is of special concern to Supes because his heart is powered by kryptonite (Metallo's heart, that is). When the Big S arrives in KC, Cliff is gone and the rest of the DP are unconscious.

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