Issue 1, "The Doom Patrol!"

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: Steve Lightle
Inker: Gary Martin

written by William Sherman (

Arani Caulder is in the Caribbean, searching for the Chief; she finds his wheelchair. She reminisces about the second incarnation of the team, including herself (Celsius), Robotman (Cliff Steele), Negative Woman (Valentina Vostok) and Tempest (Josh Clay). She decides to reform the team, to carry on the search for the husband she believes still lives. She leaves the island, followed by an American submarine. Valentina, working for US intelligence, is directing the surveillance.

Arani goes to Cliff's ranch in California and recruits him for the search.

Flash to the Himalayas, where a monstrous villain named Kalki has set up a petty kingdom, where he plots conquest. His chest is a gateway to a demon dimension. He is most interested to hear that Arani has been located by his spies.

Cliff finds Josh in New York, and recruits him amid much pyrotechnical histrionics. They go to the Caribbean with Arani, and Cliff searches the sea floor, finding the body of Rita Farr (Elastigirl). The trio is suddenly attacked by Kalki and his cohorts; Kalki grabs Cliff.

This issue includes the Who's Who pages for the Doom Patrol, Celsius, Negative Woman, Tempest and Robotman; unfortunately, these omit characters like Mento and Changeling, and details like Cliff's short-lived association with Will Magnus' Metal Men.

The Doom Patrol is a licensed trademark of Jost Enterprises and, of course, DC Comics.
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