Invasion: Book 2, "Battleground Earth"

Plot and Breakdowns: Keith Giffen
Script: Bill Mantlo
Pencillers: Todd McFarlane and Keith Giffen
Inkers: P. Craig Russell, Al Gordon, Joe Rubinstein and Tom Christopher

written by William Sherman (

Of course, I will only be mentioning those events of the Invasion which directly involve the Doom Patrol.

The Doom Patrol is present at the gathering of superheroes at the UN building in New York, where strategy is discussed. Negative Woman is part of Superman's counterinvasion of Australia (captured in Book One), along with most of Earth's most powerful heroes, such as Firestorm and the Green Lanterns.

Cliff and Rhea are in Atlantis with Aquaman and the Sea Devils, and help them in their successful attack on the Gil'Dishpan base.

Through a series of events far too complicated to relate (but climaxing in the arrival of the proverbial cavalry in the form of a Daxamite horde) the alliance is broken and driven from the Earth.

The Doom Patrol is a licensed trademark of Jost Enterprises and, of course, DC Comics.
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