June 1965

Summary written by Lou Mougin (

"The Day the World Went Mad" (25 pages)
Cover: Bob Brown
Editor: Murray Boltinoff
Writer: Arnold Drake
Artist: Bruno Premiani

Character Notes

Villains: The Brotherhood of Evil (Madame Rouge, the Brain), General Immortus, Garguax
Intro: Dr. Friedrich Kleinmann, Dr. Duroff, The Cobra cartel, Nao Tsi, Mr. Stanhope, Mr. Pyke, Dodge, Leroy, McConnell


The movie Richard Morgan is shown acting in is almost certainly based on The Bridge on the River Kwai.


A gentle, brilliant scientist, a peace advocate, and a talented actor all abruptly go mad and deliberately endanger others before they are subdued. Afterward, each slips into a catatonic state. When each of the victims proves to have a blue stone monkey on his keychain, the Doom Patrol, investigating, learns the fobs are duplicates of the great Blue Monkey of Tajali, and journey to that Asian nation to investigate.

There Cliff, Larry, and Rita are abducted and taken to the thousand-foot-high mountain headquarters of the Coo, Bung, and Rann families, who make up the Cobra Syndicate, a financial cartel. Nao Tsi, the 114-year- old head of the Coo family, reveals that the madness plot is designed by a rival to embarrass and ruin them financially.

But an outbreak of mass madness lures the Doom Patrol back to the United States, after which they learn from The Chief that the source of the insanity plague is General Immortus, now based in London. The three heroes confront Immortus in his office, where they discover that Garguax and the Brotherhood of Evil are also in on the plot. Garguax now has a base on the dark side of the Moon, from which he is broadcasting the insanity-causing rays from a "Mind Ray Cannon". Cliff, Larry, and Rita escape Immortus's trap and manage to destroy missles sent by Garguax to spread more madness on Earth. But the Brain and Immortus have now joined Garguax on the moon, and the danger is far from over.

Reviewer Comments

A very fun issue. Drake's teamup of the Brotherhood of Evil with Immortus and Garguax for an all-star villains lineup makes one wish he'd done the same with famed fruitcakes Dr. Tyme, A-V-M Man, Mr. 103, The Claw, and maybe a couple of others somewhere down the line. The brief characterizations of madness victims Kleinmann, Sutra, and Morgan are well done, even though each has only a page to himself. The headquarters of the three families, atop a skinny, glass-slick-sided mountain, is also fun, as is the 114-year-old Mandarin who lives within a glass booth to preserve his longevity. This is one really crowded story, but Drake somehow manages to make it work. And no, we can't forget the walking Jukebox of Doom whose blaring is only stopped when Negative Man dumps it in a river!

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