Crazy Jane

Crazy Jane has 64 personalities of which about 40 are known:

Crazy Jane, Black Annis, Liza Radley, No One, Driver 8, Lucy Fugue, Baby Harlot, Penny Farthing, the Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, Rain Brain, Flit, Mama Pentecost, Hammerhead, Spinning Jenny, Flaming Katy, Lady Purple, Pepper's Ghost, Merry Andrew, Sun Daddy, Driller Bill, Pretty Polly, Snow Queen, the Sin-Eater, the Signalman, Stigmata, Jill-in-Irons, the Secretary, the Weird Sisters, the Engineer, Kit W'the Canstick, Jack Straw, Sex Bomb, the Pointman, K-5, Sylvia, Butterfly Baby, the Shapeless Children

Probably destroyed: Daddy, Scarlet Harlot, Baby Doll, Miranda, Kay

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