Annual 1, "Public Works!"

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: James Fry
Inker: Al Vey

written by William Sherman (

The anti-DP protest persists. Downtown, a superstrong axe-wielding nutcase named Maddax robs a bank and kills several police officers. The Doom Patrol is summoned. When Cliff confronts him, Maddax strangely pretends to be an old teammate of his, calling him "old friend". It's obviously a plot to discredit the DP. Maddax escapes from Cliff, Rhea and Scott.

Lex Luthor has donated a sum of money to a KC charity, and will be coming to town for a ceremony. It also seems that his organization is behind Maddax.

Josh's routine medical examinations have discovered that Scott has a terminal case of leukemia.

Val and Arani are called away from a meeting with local officials to help fight Maddax at a mall (with the rest of the Patrol). Maddax is aided by some Lexcorp employees in a helicopter, who shine holographic projectors into the fight, creating illusions of battle- armored combatants. Again, Maddax escapes.

The adverse publicity continues to mount.

Luthor visits the DP headquarters and plants a miniature component on their computer -- one which allows him to enter their system from another location. We learn that Mr. Benjamin (the guy behind the bribes and anti-DP agitation) is on Luthor's payroll. Benjamin pays his ringleader to plant a bomb in DP HQ, and Luthor makes it possible (via computer) for these henchmen to get on the roof.

Our heroes are summoned to yet another appearance of Maddax. During the fight, Maddax crashes into the HQ, and blows up as his power overloads. Luthor causes the security system to attack the DP. They succeed in destroying the control console, and Josh discovers the saboteurs on the roof, whose bombs have gone off and set the roof on fire.

Luthor's plan seems to have failed, and Val confronts him as he leaves town. He meant the hirelings to be killed in the fire on the roof, ruining the DP's reputation (along with all the other bad publicity). Then having nowhere to turn, they would have gone to work for Luthor (yeah, sure).

The annual also includes the following short feature:

"That Daring Young Woman on the Flying Trapeze"
Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: Randy DuBurke
Inker: Kyle Baker

Rhea visits a circus and saves the owners from some nasty loan sharks. Strangely, Rhea is drawn here with normal eyes. Usually, her eyes are all whites: no iris or pupils. Furthermore, she actually looks like a real human being here.

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