"Man Your Stations"

A Hyperproof puzzle by Brian Kling

No CON rules allowed!

"Man Your Stations" is based on the popular TV show, Star Trek: The Next Generation. It features the relative positions of the bridge officers of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D --- with some important omissions. In this problem, dodecahedrons represent command crew members (red shirts); cubes represent engineering and security (gold shirts); and tetrahedrons represent medical personnel (blue shirts). The sizes of the blocks represent the relative ranks of each crew member, with large being the highest rank.

Crew members featured:

Not featured:

Although based on Star Trek, unenlightened non-Trek fans will find this problem as challenging and enjoyable as their Trekkie counterparts.

One possible solution is presented in a separate file called "Man Your Stations Solution" (not yet available on Bringsjord's web site). Many other solutions are possible.

For reference, rank and bridge layout concur with the seventh season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.