The Logic of Sleep

Chris Viaggi, John Schiano, Sarah DeWitt

The only CON rule allowed is TAUT CON!

The Context

The hypothetical situation that we have created for our homework problem involves a typical seating arrangement in Professor Bringsjord's Logic and Argument classroom. (We suggest that those intending to solve this problem obtain a printout of our givens, and then refer to this hard copy as they read the following commentary.) The blocks in the given arrangement represent students in the classroom and the block at the front of the room (labeled "b") represents Prof. Bringsjord. Consider the predicate "happy" to mean that someone is asleep. Of course, this would never be the case in Selmer's class, but let's just consider it for argument's sake. Naturally, Prof. Bringsjord is not happy! Also, some likes and dislikes arcs are included in the given to indicate which students (or professors) are friends or enemies with each other.

What the Shapes Mean


  1. Prove that there is a classroom situation where all of the given information is consistent.
  2. Prove that Selmer is a good professor. (Keep in mind that this is a hypothetical situation!)
  3. Prove the sentential form of the fact that for all the people who have someone seated between him/her and Selmer, Selmer hates that person.