by Selmer Bringsjord

Out Now from Hackett

At a coffeehouse near the Supreme Court, a male lawyer (pro-choice), a female pediatrician (pro-life), and a moderator who calls himself a "proselytizing agnostic" embark on a lively exploration of issues central to the abortion debate. Vigorously demonstrating the relevance of reasoning to important moral problems, the participants in Bringsjord's spirited dialogue resist the temptations of strident emotional appeal in an effort to present the most honorable and intellectually sophisticated sides of their arguments. This effort leads them, between sips of coffee (and other culinary diversions), to consideration of ante-bellum slavery, to a comparison of the notions of absolute truth in ethics versus mathematics, and to constructive discussions of genetics, artificial intelligence, euthanasia, personal identity, human sexuality, and Roe v. Wade. A perfect primer or literary supplement for courses involving topical ethics, and a potent stimulant for classroom discussion.