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Ariel Dolan's Home Page (Java Artificial Life)
A web-oriented artificial-life site: alife, genetic-algorithm and cellular automata experiments written in cross-platform web languages (java, tcl/tk), with free source code.
Mirek's Cellebration
Probably the biggest resource on general CA available on the Internet.
Artificial Life Online
Many of the links on this list branch off of this page. It is a very good starting point for research into Cellular Automata.
Another good starting point into for researching Cellular Automata.
Cellular automata
Another good page of information on Cellular Automata including some Java programs simulating Cellular Automata.
Computational Mechanics Home Page
This branched off of the "Artifical Life Online" page and is a good resource for papers on Cellular Automata.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Complex Systems
"Complex systems" concerns the nature and consequences of interactions and non-linearities in systems of many objects. It includes topics such as artificial life, cellular automata, chaos, criticality, evolutionary computation, fractals, parallel computation, self-organization."

Java examples

Exploring Emergence
An active essay on Cellular Automata using Java.
Java Applet for Cellular Automata
Still needs some work done on the page itself but the applet is pretty cool.
Self Reproducing Cellular Automata Loops
A very good java applet showing the different rules that can be applied to Cellular Automata.


Graphics Applications of Cellular Automata
Mpeg Movies and Jpeg Pictures showing examples of Cellular Automata.

Papers & Presentations

A Hierarchical Classification of Cellular Automata
Autonomous Decentralized Systems based on Cellular Automata
Cellular Automata: A Slide Presentation
Cellular Automata and the Sciences of Complexity (part I)
Cellular Automata Dynamics: A Slide Presentation
Explorations in Parallel Processing.
Introdution to One-dimensional Cellular Automata
Mean Field Theory of The Edge of Chaos
Methods for Designing Cellular Automata with ``Interesting'' Behavior
Oliver Knill
Research done on the principal that cellular automata are evolved on a finite phase space (the computer has finite memory) using periodic boundary conditions.
Papers on (Randomized) Cellular Automata
SFI EvCA Papers
A list of Papers on Cellular Automata.
Branches from the bookmark "Computational Mechanics Home Page".
Universality and Complexity in Cellular Automata (1984)

Simulations resident to computer

DTR: Simple Systems Exhibiting Self-Directed Replication
DTR is a cellular automata simulator for studying automata models of self-replicating systems. The simulator is fairly general purpose and application independent, and can run a variety of two-dimensional cellular automata.
The directory xtoys contains a set of cellular automata simulators written for Xwindows. The executables here are for SunOS 5.4 (Solaris). The xtoys gallery shows lots of pictures produced by these programs (beware if you have a slow link). To peek at the exising user interface, look here.