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Project 4 Breakdown
Computability & Logic; Spring 97

Selmer Bringsjord

For Project 4, The M Group is taking on the formidable job of building the M machine.gif This group is the combined force of

Last class, Theorem 5 was covered in detail, which gave rise to careful consideration of the structure and processing of M.

The two groups

are going to combine forces in order to refine and expand the excellent web work they did for Project 2. The idea is to have to main pages, one devoted to the busy beaver problem, and one devoted to the Universal Turing Machine problem. The Group will be assisted by the two groups which made remarkable progress on the busy beaver problem: Indeed, this progress is to be displayed on the pages involved. Also, the Universal TM's created in Project 3 are to be used and displayed. Ace (Teera Fa-gon will be independently working on an addition to the web material.

Selmer Bringsjord
Sun Apr 27 00:43:55 EDT 1997