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Renear cites certain practical publishing advantages of content-based text processing (sect. 4.3). He also cites a list of arguments in favor of the Platonic OHCO thesis, where the first of these arguments is essentially recapitulation of the practical advantages (sects. 5.1.6-- Once the JoPP thesis is incarnated via certain models and techniques in use in the field of Artificial Intelligence (customarily abbreviated as `AI'; the field is devoted to engineering intelligent systems such as expert systems and robots), the thesis is perhaps supported by all of Renear's arguments for the OHCO view. Not only that, but the objections to Platonic OHCO which push us toward Pluralism and Antirealism, objections Renear is inclined to resist, fail to threaten the incarnated JoPP position.

Selmer Bringsjord
Tue Apr 2 13:34:44 EST 1996