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Consider first the argument (sect. #5.1.6) that since treating texts as OHCOs yields practical advantages (text as an OHCO is easy to create, modify, print, transfer, etc.), texts ought to be regarded to be OHCOs. If, as the logicist approach to AI predicts, the future will bring reliable and well-oiled procedures for capturing documents as JoPP, and for going from jottings to fully developed documents, this argument will go through equally well for treating text as JoPP. For now, whether argument one supports the JoPP thesis is at worst an open question. (It may be worth noting that people often capitalize on the utility of a JoPP-like approach. While the ability to reproduce documents verbatim, in the manner of our hypothetical J, is rare in our world, people certainly often approximate J's behavior. This paper, in fact, was generated from a list of bullets; and even now, I understand what I have written by understanding a small set of jottings.)

Selmer Bringsjord
Tue Apr 2 13:34:44 EST 1996