copyright Thomas M Jennings

This hyperproof problem is based on a recent episode of Babylon 5 entitled
"Severed Dreams."  In this file I will first explain the meanings of the
objects in the situation and then explain the story that sets up the 
situation (just in case you haven't seen the episode yet).  

Cubes ......... People
   Small ...... Human Captains
   Medium ..... Minbari Captains
   Large  ..... President Clark

Tets .......... Ships
   Small ...... Earth Force
   Large ...... Minbari

Dodecs ........ Stations
   Large Dodec. Babylon 5

Predicates:   R(x) - x Retreats
	      D(y,x) - y Defeated x (See definition in the givens)

Constraints:  If you have seen this episode already then you know that
	      there were at least three Earth Force Ships and Four
	      Minbari ones.  Unfortunately, Hyperproof only allows 
	      twelve objects on the field at once.  Also, if you 
	      have seen it, you know Delenn has the great line,
	      "...he is behind me.  You are in front of me.  If you
	       value your lives, be somewhere else."  
	      This is not strictly implemented as I have placed
	      the ships where their jump points formed and not where
	      they were when she said this. (In other words, all
	      human captains are in front of the Minbari ships)
	      Also related to Delenn's line, I implemented the fact
	      that Sheridan defeated the Minbari by showing that
	      he defeated either of the Minbari ships in the situation.
	      As you know, the Minbari ship he defeated would not be
	      in this situation and for various reasons it got too
	      complicated to state that there is a Minbari ship
	      that Sheridan defeated outside of the situation without
	      specifically identifying Sheridan.  

Now the story...
Due to actions taken by President Clark (declaring martial law on all
Earth settlements and colonies, bombing colonies that refused to submit,
etc) The captain of Babylon 5 (John Sheridan, represented by cube n1
adjacent to the large dodec) has decided to sever ties with earth and
form an independent state.  President Clark doesn't like this and sends
a fleet of ships to take over B5 and arrest its command crew.  The fleet
arrives and is subsequently destroyed by B5 and "renegade" Earth Force
ships allied with Sheridan.  Although they were successful in repelling
the attack, B5 was seriously damaged.  Shortly after the battle ended,
a second wave of ships with attack orders arrived through the station's
jump point.  At this point, the situation looked very bad for B5 and its
crew.  To make things worse, sensors had just picked up four more jump
points opening up very close to the station.  Is the crew done for or are
these allied ships coming to their aid?  If it is help, will the Earth
Force ships stay an fight or will they retreat?  If you already know the 
answer then use hyperproof to satisfy the three goals.  Also, if you 
haven't seen "Severed Dreams" and would like to see the scene that this
situation comes from, a copy (in .mov format) can be found at  . Make sure you have a fast
network connection as this is a 13MB movie.