Final Summer 98

Intro to Logic; Professor Bringsjord

Due by 5pm 6/26; disk under my office door
  1. Take the post-test in class Thu 6/25. This is required as per the agreement you signed at the outset of the course; no grade will be submitted without this test being completed at the scheduled time (again, start of class 6/25). Thanks!
  2. Create and turn in your own Hyperproof problem.
  3. Solve the following two problems in Hyperproof; turn in the resultant file. (One file with obvious predicates will do. For problems that don't require a proof of non-consequence, I I encourage you not to use the visual side of Hyperproof. Simply dream up your own new predicates having just one letter. For example, to represent 'All Bulls are cocky' you might say 'Vx (B(x) -> C(x))'.) In each of these two problems you are given a set of premises, which you can assume to be true. You are then asked whether or not a pair or trio of other propositions (the ones coming after 'Therefore') follow logically (i.e., are derivable in Hyperproof). Your answer should be a yes or a no for each of these two propositions.
    1. Some tennis players are golfers. All golfers are temperamental. Some temperamental people are brilliant. Therefore some tennis players are temperamental. Therefore some golfers are brilliant.
    2. All Norwegians ski. Norwegians from the town of Lyngdal don't ski; Norwegians from the North of Norway do ski. All those who ski are rugged. Therefore the moon is made of green cheese. Therefore all Norwegians are rugged. Therefore no Norwegians are rugged.
  4. Proof 9.29
  5. Proof 9.49
  6. Proof 9.51
  7. "What it Feels Like to be a Cube," from the Hyperproof Hall of Fame.