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System Specification

Most of Thayse 1989 and Thayse 1991, and a good deal of Brachman et al. are devoted to specifying logical systems central to AI. After tex2html_wrap_inline773 tex2html_wrap_inline861 and tex2html_wrap_inline773 tex2html_wrap_inline775 are established (and we assume they now are for our readers, by virtue of the relevant material presented above), the standard route is to move beyond them by describing propositional modal logic (which we'll denote by tex2html_wrap_inline773 tex2html_wrap_inline947 ), pausing to consider what this new logical system might be good for, and then proceeding to richer logical systems. This route is competently followed in Thayse 1989 and Thayse 1991 essentially as follows.

Selmer Bringsjord
Mon Nov 17 14:57:06 EST 1997