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Consult my hotlinked-to-publications-and-presentations vitae (6.15.15) for such content. Please access Rensselaer AI & Reasoning (RAIR) Lab for info regarding a number of applied research projects, online lectures, and qualifications I seek in graduate students. I occasionally post here at the top-level just a few papers/projects/books/presentations:
“Nuclear Deterrence and the Logic of Deliberative Mindreading” forthcoming in Cognitive Systems Research.
“How to Solve the ‘Quiet Crisis’ in a Single Stroke”
“The Logicist Manifesto: At Long Last Let Logic-Based AI Become a Field Unto Itself”, in the Journal of Applied Logic.
I have devised an argument for P=NP. See the latest pre-publication version: “An Argument for P=NP”.
“The Modal Argument for Hypercomputing Minds,” in Theoretical Computer Science.
Superminds: People Harness Hypercomputation, and More

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