My research mainly focuses on problems in homeland security and defense applications including problems in cyber-physical system security, interdependent systems, and resilient infrastructure. I am interested in analyzing these problems from both deterministic and probabilistic perspectives. I use operations research and optimization tools such as network optimization and interdiction, decomposition methods, column generation technique, and heuristic approaches to model and solve these problems.

Accepted Papers

N. O. Baycik, T. C. Sharkey, C.E. Rainwater. Interdicting Layered Physical and Information Flow Networks. IISE Transactions, 50(4):316-331, 2018.

Submitted Papers

N. O. Baycik, T. C. Sharkey, C.E. Rainwater. “A Markov Decision Process Model for Balancing Surveillance and Arrests in Law Enforcement Efforts against Illegal Drug Trafficking.” Under Review with Socio-Economic Planning Sciences.

N. O. Baycik, K. M. Sullivan. “Robust Location of Hidden Interdictions on a Shortest Path Network.” Under Review with IISE Transactions.

Working Papers

N. O. Baycik, T. C. Sharkey. “Analyzing the damage on interdependent critical infrastructures given the outage reports from the customers.” Anticipated Submission in January 2018.

Research Interests

  • Integer Programming
  • Network Optimization and Interdiction
  • Large-Scale Optimization
  • Bilevel Programming