• Bhagyashree successfully defended her MS thesis in July 2014. Congratulations !!


  • Dongwon Shin joined the group as a new postdoctoral researcher. Welcome !





The Bae group is interested in research that combines the areas of organic chemistry, catalysis, green chemistry, polymer chemistry, and materials science. In a broad sense, the group members in his research group are utilizing organic synthetic methods to develop novel functional organic/polymer materials that could have special applications in clean environment and alternative energy generation. Two major focuses in his group are the developments of conveniently recyclable polymeric catalysts for green chemistry applications and ion-conducting polymer membranes for hydrogen production and hydrogen fuel cell applications. In clean energy-related projects the Bae group has developed high performance. low cost ion-conducting (proton, hydroxide ion, metal ion, etc.) polymer membranes which are currently tested for applications in (a) production of hydrogen from electrolysis of water, (b) generation of clean energy using hydrogen fuel cells, (c) production of biodiesel. These materials are expected to play key roles in meeting energy needs in the 21st century.